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1 OBLIVION Box - Unpainted Version

1 x OBLIVION Unpainted

  • 1 OBLIVION STARTER SET (UNPAINTED): this pledge level contains 8 large walls, 4 small walls, 8 floors 4"x4" (10x10cm), 20 dynamic walls

    IMPORTANT: ONLY SOME FREE STRETCH GOALS ARE ASSIGNED TO THIS PLEDGE LEVEL. The stretch goals associated to this pledge level will be shown in the description of its rewards on the campaign page.

    Recipients outside the US and EU are responsible for any import duties/fees.

  • This products grants you access to the pledge manager for the MUP Kickstarter. You will be entered in the Pledge Manger with the amount you have pledge for here. At the time of the pledge you will be able to upgrade and add to this perk.

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